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The H.A.M.M.E.R Approach is our six-pillar system designed to aid in the continued development of our athletes over the course of their time in the club as well as a tool to help in the evaluation process for prospective Hammers athletes.

The H.A.M.M.E.R Approach is an easy way for both players and parents to understand what our staff looks for in players, and in what areas a player may be lacking and need additional focus to be on.

Player Development is the cornerstone for which we build the structure of the club. Whether you are an academy player who is still improving their game or on a travel team competing at the highest level, there is a developmental pathway for everyone.

To properly evaluate and place a player, we have to look at their overall ability and not just their pure athleticism, as many clubs and coaches do. While being athletic is important (fast, strong, quick, etc), what happens when the rest of the players catch up to them physically? Has that players overall development been worked on or have they just been allowed to succeed because they are physically gifted?

Every parent wants their child to be the best and to play at the highest level, but parents must understand, much like academics, players learn/develop at different rates. To assess where players stand in the developmental process and evaluate their progression, we developed the H.A.M.M.E.R. Approach to aide in the constant monitoring of current and future players in the club.


  • H


    A player’s willingness to compete and giving everything to be the best. Their Toughness and Physicality. Possess a “Never Give Up” Attitude. Intrinsically Motivated. Excited to win and resilient towards setbacks/failures.

  • A


    The athletic ability of a player based off speed, strength and agility. Able to deal with the physical demands of the game.

  • M


    The player’s ability to utilize both hands to use both hands at game speed - the ability to use your STICK to solve problems on the field and ability to positively impact the game with or without the ball in possession.

  • M


    The player’s understanding of the game and its principles on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball as well as in between the lines. The ability to process information and make quick decisions on the field. Players who become the “coach” on the field for their teammates.

  • E


    A player’s level of excitement to be out on the field with their teammates and coaches. Players that LOVE to play the game and are committed to learning and developing. Players that jog to and from water breaks and in between drills and push their teammates to be their best. Contagious positivity and effort.

  • R


    Players who conduct themselves professionally when nobody is looking. Players that respect the game, teammates, coaching staff, officials, and themselves at the highest levels. Players that put in the time to make themselves and teammates better.

These areas encompass the WHOLE player, not just parts, and is the reason why many of our players have great success as they get older. Player Development is a process of which there is no quick fix but will lead to long term success if focused on properly.