“We're an experienced lax family having been involved at club level since our boys were very young. They're now both teenagers. My younger son's team is one of the best teams in the country for his age group so the bar has been set high for us as a family. We recently moved our older son to Hammers and I can say without a doubt that this club is outstanding! If you're looking for a great program, with awesome positional training and practices that will really improve your kid's lax IQ and skills then you absolutely need to look at Hammers. My wife and I are blown away by the professionalism, communications, lax knowledge and credentials of Ricky Reyes and his coaches.”

“The Hammers experience has been great for our son and our family. They truly put the boys first; they’re individually focused on each player’s areas of strength and development. The coaches are all in in terms of ensuring the learning and engagement of the boys, to the point that they even get out on the field and run drills with them. I’ve not seen that in any other clubs. They are great at communicating and making sure the parent experience is equally as great as that of the boys. It’s simply an awesome team to be a part of. “

“What impresses me most about Hammers Lacrosse is that they strive to not only develop great players, but great humans and dare I say, great men. They not only focus on skill development but also character development, which is something our world needs more of. The coaching is phenomenal as are the facilities. Grateful to be a part of the Hammers family!”

“Hammers Lacrosse has been our lacrosse family for the past 4 years. The coaches are fantastic - knowledgeable, approachable, fully engage, and a lot of fun. The facilities are amazing - some of the best BBQ in town!. The players involved and families are fantastic - we have developed new family best friends from all of us hanging out on the sidelines at practice and games. You cannot go wrong with this club!”

“Excellent Travel Lacrosse program!! The level of instruction and training our son receives is top notch and by far the best experience we have had with Club Lacrosse. The coaching staff is fantastic, supportive and available, communication is great as well, you will always know what is going on”

“This message is from my son Collin K....I have been lucky to have many great coaches at Hammers. When I got to HS, I realized how much of an impact they have on me. I I'm starting to understand the importance of hard work and dedication and how practices help in player development. What is sad, I never thanked them properly for everything they have done for me, so to my coaches and coach Ricky at Hammers, this is for you. Thank you for believing in me and to continue the opportunity to grow my love of the game.”

Hammers Lacrosse is like family to us. Both sons have been thriving under this program as they work toward their goals. The numerous training and development opportunities available far exceeds what other clubs offer. Both boys get a ton of reps to improve individually and as a team. Under the leadership of the coaching staff both sons have love and respect for the game that is equal to their commitment to see this program succeed.

My boys have been playing for Hammers lacrosse for years. The coaching staff is second to none - from head coaches down to summer assistants. Everyone is involved in each kid and each kid is known as a person and a player by everyone! It’s a wonderful experience for all of us.

Hammers has been an excellent experience for my son.. the entire coaching staff from Coach Ricky Coach Mabry and Coach McCarthy right on down the line have been outstanding in terms of their quality of detailed lacrosse instruction ,great temperament in working with the boys, and just overall positive outlook and demeanor. My son is a first year player whose skill set has improved tremendously with Hammers. I highly recommend Hammers Lacrosse, and actually have recommended Hammers to friends. Many thanks to Hammers - keep up the "HARD WORK!"